New essay forthcoming

My essay on Lit’s “Miserable” will be in the next volume of Memoir Mixtapes. I’ve had the opportunity to work with them twice before, and the editors are such a great crew of folks. One of the co-founders just had a baby and a job change, and is still working hard at showcasing the writing of others. Amazing people, and very grateful to have their support of my work. In the meantime, definitely check out their previous volumes, which even come with a Spotify playlist to listen along to as you read.

About Me

This space will be updated with new publications and events. But with most things in the world on hold right now, here’s a little about me in the meantime.

I’m a writer living in Central Pennsylvania, and teach at Penn State. I also founded and run the chapbook press, Paper Nautilus.

I earned my degrees from Westfield State University and Southern Connecticut State University. I commuted all through undergrad, attended a community college for a year while on hiatus from my bachelors, and, later, excelled in a corporate career at a Fortune 100 company while completing my full-residency MFA. You could maybe say I’m a fan of the unconventional route.

I write poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. Most of my books are of poetry, but right now I’m focused on a manuscript comprised of personal essays using pop music to explore and reflect on my own experiences. Some other topics that have drawn my interest or that I hope to devote more time writing about include chronic illness/medical narratives, wedding culture, fictional biography, found poetry, and the National Radio Quiet Zone.

Teaching is a huge source of joy in my life, and not something I stumbled into accidentally. Beyond being work I enjoy, teaching (hopefully) makes me a better listener, which in turn makes me better able to hear what’s missing in my own drafts. Which is to say, teaching and writing are interwoven for me, and it’s hard to imagine doing one without the other.

Other details: Only child. Millennial. Partner to an engineer. Seltzer enthusiast. Cat person. The kind of introvert that organizes happy hour.